Revolutionizing the European recycling sector by creating a circular system for end-of-life batteries

RECIRCULATE is an EU funded project that aims to revolutionize the European battery sector by developing the technologies and systems required to enable cascading reuse of batteries and battery components at their end-of-life.
RECIRCULATE envisions a future where batteries have an extended lifespan in second and third-life applications, and are only recycled when their maximum value has been extracted, leading to a more sustainable and resource-efficient battery sector.

Project Pillars

Pillar 1

SOX Characterisation

Pillar 2

Automated Dismantling

Pillar 3

Repair, Reuse and Remanufacture

Pillar 4

Fast and Accurate Sorting

Pillar 5

Safe Storage and Transportation

Pillar 6

Blockchain Battery Passport and Marketplace

Project Partners

RECIRCULATE project consortium comprises 11 partners across 8 countries, bringing together expertise on sustainability, traceability, blockchain analysis, exploitation strategies as well as European legislation and regulations to ensure the smooth transfer of project results into the European market.

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