Pillar 6:

Blockchain-based Battery Passports and the Battery Marketplace

The Recirculate project will create the first trusted and safe community and marketplace for the battery industry.

What is a Battery Passport and why is it important?

A Battery Passport represents the digital copy of a battery containing all important information about the battery alongside the battery life cycle. Blockchain-based Battery Passports help safely collect, store and transfer data across all battery supply chain participants.

What are the challenges associated with the Battery Passports?

Blockchain-based Battery Passports will enable more efficient tracking and exchanging of information about batteries between supply chain actors. However, there are certain challenges to be addressed:

  • Fragmented supply chain. The used battery supply chain is fragmented, making it challenging for second-life battery producers to maintain multiple supplier relationships and source enough batteries of the same type and condition (SOX) for reuse. This situation is expected to worsen as the number of battery types (designs and chemistries) increases in the coming years.
  • Data tracking across the entire battery life cycle. Tracking a battery’s life cycle from manufacturing to second-life applications is complex due to various factors such as distribution chains, changes in ownership, and recycling processes.

What is the Battery Marketplace?

The Battery Marketplace that will be created during the Recirculate project will be a safe and trusted digital environment and community for all battery supply chain actors, including battery manufacturers, OEMs, battery recyclers, so they could buy, sell battery components and trading of batteries of “known provenance”.

The Recirculate project will create a structured, comprehensible and trusted infrastructure for trading batteries and components, thus increasing trust and efficiency in battery supply chain processes and decreasing time and costs.

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