Pillar 1:

Fast, cost-effective, reliable SoX characterization

The Recirculate project will address challenging battery characterization issues and use cutting-edge technologies to create faster and more cost-effective SoX characterization.

What is SoX battery data?

The term SoX appears when we discuss different data about the battery, including state of charge (SOC), state of energy (SOE), and state of health (SOH). These parameters are crucial to assess the performance of the battery.

  • SoC or the State of Charge indicates how full/ empty is your battery expressed in %.
  • SoH or the State of Health shows us how healthy the battery is expressed in %, e.g., 100% SoH represents a new battery and 80% SoH represents that the battery has lost 20% of its energy-retaining capacity.
  • SoE or the State of Energy is the same as the State of Charge, expressed in rest energy (amperes).

What are the challenges in SoX data?

Currently, no SoX data is available from OEMs.

Transport companies and handlers don’t know which batteries are safe and they manipulate them at their own risk. 

To achieve the true SoX values you have to test the battery for 3-5 hours – test methods are slow and unreliable. Supply chain actors have to plan for the worst-case scenario, often related to destructive fire on its facilities.

What will the Recirculate project change?

The Recirculate project aims to enable more intelligent decisions at each point during dismantling to determine the best, most cost-effective way to reuse, remanufacture or recycle. The consortium will create an accelerated characterization that will provide trusted data about the battery.

With an advanced classification tool, the risk of fire will be mitigated and increased safety for the handlers will be achieved, limiting human exposure to danger.

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