Recirculate Project Progress

Recirculate is co-funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe research program and the Swiss federal body, the State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation. The Recirculate consortium joined numerous companies and institutions complementing know-how and capabilities to address the most pressing challenges in battery second life by combining innovative technologies, including AI, robotics, and blockchain, with deep understanding of the industry needs and market expectations.

The consortium is actively working towards addressing the most pressing challenges in battery second life:

  • Understanding battery type and condition
  • Getting batteries repaired, reused, and remanufactured efficiently
  • Safe, rapid, scalable battery pack dismantling
  • Fast and accurate battery sorting
  • Safe storage and transportation of batteries
  • Bringing fragmented data together across the supply chain and along the life cycle of products

The consortium evaluates the impact through comprehensive assessments and aims to create a robust marketplace for second-life batteries and components. To date, impressive progress has been achieved.

Recirculate leverages cutting-edge technology and collaborative expertise to transform battery recycling into a sustainable, circular system. This initiative is set to make significant contributions to the European recycling sector, supporting environmental goals and fostering a more sustainable economy.

Learn more by downloading the White Paper.

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