Sex and Gender Dimensions in Research & Innovation

Discover the transformative journey of the RECIRCULATE project as it pioneers inclusive battery recycling innovation. RECIRCULATE project partner Iconiq Innovation has recently delivered a targeted “Sex and Gender Dimensions in Research and Innovation” training. RECIRCULATE is committed to weaving diversity into every stage of its project, aligning with EU mandates and unlocking new frontiers in sustainability.

Inclusive Design

RECIRCULATE recognizes the power of diverse perspectives in crafting efficient solutions. To this end, our training emphasizes the importance of incorporating sex and gender dimensions from the project’s inception, ensuring that the end products cater to the varied needs of different groups.

Navigating Research and Innovation

As RECIRCULATE progresses through research and innovation, it actively addresses intersectionalities, identifying and eliminating biases. This approach enables a more comprehensive understanding of the environmental, social, and economic impacts of our innovations.

Empowering End-Users

The journey doesn’t end with innovation; it extends to empowering end-users. Consequently, RECIRCULATE tailors communication strategies based on sex and gender dimensions, ensuring equitable access to the benefits of our sustainable solutions and an inclusive battery recycling supply chain.

RECIRCULATE is not just about recycling batteries; it’s rewriting the story of research and innovation. With a commitment to diversity, our project embraces inclusivity as a driving force for transformative change. Celebrating the success of our “Sex and Gender Dimensions in Research and Innovation” training, RECIRCULATE looks ahead to a future where inclusivity is integral to sustainable development. Join us in shaping a future where everyone benefits from groundbreaking innovations.

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