What is the Recirculate project?

The global EV market is growing rapidly, while at the same time posing a waste disposal challenge. After 10-15 years of service, EV batteries typically retain only 70 – 80% of their original capacity. By 2040, an estimated 14 million light- and heavy-duty EV battery packs will reach their end-of-life annually. This creates an urgent need for safe and responsible end-of-life battery management.

The Recirculate project is an ambitious collaboration among industry leaders, research organizations, and tech startups from eight countries. Challenges abound in second-life batteries, from characterization of battery SoX at various levels, including pack, module, and cell, to dismantling, transportation, and data transparency will be addressed throughout the project. 

The project will aim at using cutting-edge technologies to develop tools and systems and address transportation, storage, dismantling, data transparency challenges and creating a third-party marketplace, backed by blockchain-based product passports, empowering consumers and businesses to source batteries with confidence.

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